Director, Daniel Foreman.

Hi, my name is Daniel Foreman and I’m co-directing with Steve Day. Together we’ve formed a non-profit company called Dayman Studios LTD.

Steve is our photography, videography, election , and health & safety expert. He has a great deal of expertise in unexpected area’s including blacksmiths and geology! it just goes to show the broad range of experiences a BBC and Television career can grant you.

I myself, come from a technology background. If it has RAM and a Processor I can work with it. I handle all the Studios IT needs, from building company PC’s, troubleshooting software issues, ensuring security, developing internal networking, managing the server, and providing all our web development needs.

I specialist as a front end web development expert, and manage all our back-end systems. I’m a strong believer in the old Star Trek 5 Scotty quote. “The Right Tool for the Right Job!”.

I’m presently working on the virtualization system that will allow us to turn our 32 core, dual processor blade into a video editing, backup and serving power house. The company is just over a year old, and I’ve had to come up with some very interesting shoe string budget solutions to deliver the services a media company needs.

Luckily, I’m a dab hand at both new and old hardware. I’m great at getting the performance we need for the job at hand, out of anything we have laying around or can being in cheaply.

Now that the company has more business coming in, I do find myself taking the easy way out more often! Thanks to the purchase of more recent hardware solutions. I’ve always been a tinkerer at heart, so I doubt my recycling of good used hardware will come to an end anytime soon. After all, why spend £10,000 on a server, when a £500 lump of scrap can do the job just as well!

It’s actually amazing what you can do with ex-server farm hardware. If you don’t mind a bit of fan noise.

I think that’s enough of my random rambling so far. So I’ll end with this:

A new company requires you to ware many hats, it’s hard, it’s tiring and there’s always too much to do. But when I climb into bed that night, and give my beatuiful lady a well deserved hug. I know I’ve done the best I can that day.

Lets hope Dayman Studios LTD grows to be a real powerhouse in Wales, so we can bring back our local talent, and move Wales forward economically, and socially.

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